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Quill and Hackle

Hook: Mustad 94840 #18
ThreadSheer 14/0 White
Tail: Soft hackle
Body: Hareline Turkey Biot Quills Lt. Olive
Wing: Whiting hackle

Yesterday I was out fishing for  trout in a stream here in Oslo and this pattern got me some small trout, with a sage TXL-F #1 and 6x tippet it was a good saturday to go trout hunting! The mustad hook is really strong and solid for its sice (#18) and this pattern will occupy a row when I go for autumn fishing in september.

I don’t go for perfection in every fly I tie for fishing: if you look closely this one could have done with a better quill body, but when tying up a large batch I don’t really worry too much about small  imperfections like this.

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