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Madan X TMC 9394 #10
Thread: UNI 6/0 Black
Tail: Dark Olive Deer Hair, Hareline Para Post Wing White
Body: SLF Squirrel Spikey Natural Fox
Wing: Deer Hair, Rubber legs
Head: Whiting Hackle

Well, this is how it goes when don’t know what you are doing! I normally tie a lot of nice small caddis and dryflies that sit nicely in the top-film. For the autumn fishing I needed some larger attractors and this was the product: I guess it will do its work just fine, but this is not something I am used to tying, the rubber legs keeps going in different directions and the deer hair doesn’t sit as nice as I would like. But: this is made to make a lot of noice in a river so it will do, quite sure it will attract some trout later on.


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