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Quill Gordon

Hook: Mustad 94840 #16
Thread: Sheer 14/0 Black
Tail: Mallard Flank White
Body: Turkey Biot Lt. Olive
Thorax: Peacock
Wing: Mallard Flank Olive
Hackle: Whiting

First time tying this pattern, got the wings and body ok done, the hackle could have been a bit shorter, but I don’t think that is a problem.

As you can see here: I got the wings nicely separated, but with the long hackle I could have had some more material in the wings to fill it out a bit. you start tying flies and photographing them with a macro lens then all the minute details comes out and I could have re-done this until I got it correct, but I mainly tie for fishing purposes (and to learn new things) so all the flies I put up here have a good chance of ending up in my flybox. The pictures here are all a part of my path to learning more about the different patterns, so I will add the not-so-good as well as the good flies here: it is all a part of the journey to become better.


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