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Dubbing: Wapsi Natural Nymph Blend Squirrel

This nymph blend from Wapsi was one of the first dubbing packages that I bought and I have gone through quite a few packages, I don’t know if it is because I started out with this or if it is because I really like it! The blend is easy to work with and gives a life in nymphs (and slender emerger bodies) that I appreciate. blend is a good mixture between fine and long fibers on the thread is very easy: can be applied both in a thin and quite a thick layer on the thread

Dubbed on a Mustad 94840 #14 here, the long fibers tend to stick out and give lots of life to the body

On a Dai-Riki 135 #14 hook, with Hareline Scudback 1/8″ and Ultra wire wrapped. Here the blend comes through to its name and creates long nice legs on the fly


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