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#30 Parachute

Hook: Gamakatsu C12-BM #30
Thread: Sheer 14/0 Pale yellow
Tail: Mallard Flank White
Body: Fly-Rite Extra Fine Poly #0 Golden Yellow
Wing: Poly-Yarn
Hackle: Whiting Bronze Brown

Down to the smallest of hooks that I have, the Gamakatsu C12-BM #30 has a (relatively speaking) large hook-eye, making it much easier to deal with when trying to tie it on! The hackle was not very well tied in so you can see the thread got a bit loose behind the hook-eye.

The first time I’ve tied in both tail, dubbing, hackle and wing on a #30 hook, and all without magnification glasses ( I really need to get me some of those soon!). The hackle is the worst part of this: first of all you need to find something small enough, secondly the small hackles takes nothing to tear, so the process can be a bit hard on the eyes and concentration!

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