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Hare’s Lug and Plover

I have been waiting for a Golden Plover skin for a very long time, but this week it finally arrived! The color and pattern on the head/neck of this bird really lends itself to a  spider pattern as this.

The small spiders and flymphs will get a section in the flybox this year for more active fishing.

Green Spider DR 305 #10
Thread: Sheer 14/0 Green
Body: Sheer 14/0 Green, Ultra Wire SM Gold
Collar: Green Guinea

I don’t have much experience with spider patterns, but I got a green guinea fowl skin the other day and wanted to test it out. This will most likely not be tested until spring when the ice is gone and trout waters/rivers again is fishable, but I will bring it with me in november when there still might be a chance for catching a trout after the spawning period is over in the rivers close to Oslo (this is a might-be-happening moment: in mid-november the snow can be quite deep around here!)