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Lady Caroline


  • Hook: Alec Jackson 2061 #1.5
  • Thread: Semperfli 12/0 White
  • Tail: Red Golden Pheasant Body Feather
  • Rib: UNI-Mylar #10 Gold, UNI-French Twisted Silver Medium
  • Body: Berlin Wool 1/3 Dark Olive + 2/3 Dark Brown
  • Body Hackle: Heron
  • Throat: Red Golden Pheasant Body Feather
  • Wings: Bronze Mallard – 2 layers
  • Finish: Loon Hard Head Black

A first for me: the classic Lady Caroline!

I have looked at this for a long time but have been missing the materials to do it properly. The base pattern itself is not difficult, but getting it perfect is another thing: I’ll tie up a batch of these for fishing this winter, maybe experimenting with some sealsfur for body dubbing.

Blue spey


Body: 1/3 sealsfur summer duck, 2/3 sealsfur black
Rib: UNI-Mylar #10, UNI-French Large
Hackle: Whiting spey blue, duck flank feather
Wing: Mallard Bronze Shoulder large
Finish: Loon Hard Head
Got my hands on some blue spey hackle from whiting earlier this autumn, I’ve only used them on some blue/black shrimp pattern before, but got inspiration from a pattern that turned up on facebook this morning and had to tie this up.

Orange Spey


Hook: Daiichi 2052 #1.5
Thread: UNI 6/0 White
Body: 1st half UNI-Floss orange, 2nd half Sealsfur
Rib: UNI Mylar,Veevus M
Hackle: Black Heron, Mallard
Wing: Orange Whiting Rooster
Head: Loon Hard Head Orange

The first spey I have done with the traditional full feather wing. I got a rooster neck from silverfishing the other day and I just had to do a spey fly with it. Great colors here, easy to tie up and should be super effective in the water!

Green Highlander – spey-ish version


I had some yellow and green whiting rooster saddle that I bought earlier this year, but hadn’t gotten around to use yet, and since I’m on a GH spree these days I thought about a spey version of the GH that was really buggy and would make a lot of movement. The hackel is of great quality, but I’ll cut down a bit for the next version and create something that is something more sparse than this.