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Blue Charm Wet

2015.01.26.dryfly.me.blue_wetHook: Mustad S60-3399A #6
Thread: UNI 6/0 Black
Tag: UNI-French Medium Oval, Lagartun Floss-Silk Yello
Tail: GP
Body: UNI-Floss Black
Rib: :UNI-French Medium Oval
Wing: Black Underfur
Hackle: Keough Hen Saddle

Taking the blue charm down to a #6 trout hook I chose to substitute the wing from squirrel to black underfur and set the blue hackle in front of the wing due to the shape of the hook and the build-up that squirrel makes. But the main colors and composition from the blue charm remains. A great little wet that goes into the large amount of different blue charms I’ve created this winter!


More Black & Red


A follow-up from this mornings post on wetfly for trout: the combination red/black/silver is a combination that don’t go to wrong when it comes to trout. These are rather large (#6 Mustad S60-3399A) and can be used for both seatrout and grayling as well!

Trying to keep the front as sparse as possible: two turns is enough of the red hackle


A body-hackle with reverse-rib over the hackle to keep it in place.


The 3 variations on red/black:


Black & Red for trout


Hook: Mustad S60-3399A #6
Thread: Sheer 14/0 Black
Tag: UNI-Mylar #16
Tail: Foxtail Hen Neck
Body: UNI-Floss
Rib: UNI-Mylar #16
Hackle: Whiting Rooster Cape Black

I was looking at the Black Prince wetfly pattern, but didn’t have black wing material but I liked the pattern and combination, so: I could call this a no-wing Black Prince! It turned out better than I thought and will work great for trout and grayling. This just shows that you really don’t need everything in a pattern to get started on it, you can omit something, add something, and still end up with something that will really catch fish!

Bergman: Abbey


Hook: Mustad S60-3399A #6
Thread: Sheer 14/0 Black
Tail: Golden Pheasant Tail Tippet
Body: UNI Dark Red
Ribbing: UNI-Mylar
Wing: Bronze Mallard (not grey as in the original pattern)
Pattern: Ray Bergman “Trout” Plate 1

I got some Mustad S60-3399A (the new edition of 3399) this weekend and I started looking through “Trout” to see which patterns I have material for. The Abbey is the first one, and I have the material for it (except I have bronze mallard compared to the grey mallard that the pattern say), so I got around to making this version based on the original description. There are some issues with the floss, and the head is not very pretty (it bleads over into the wing a bit, this I need to practice more). But: all in all a ok effort for this one, will add a couple of more versions of this for practice before I move on.