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Hends Spectra Dubbing

This is one for the Czech nymps: long strands with lots of shine to it makes this a good dubbing for both small and large nymphs. I don’t keep too many Czech nymphs with me, but I always have them ready, both for fresh and saltwater fishing. My personal best for browntrout: 1.25kg, was on a Czech nymph in purple and red.

2013.06.dryfly.me.hends_spectra_packageThe long fibers will give a lot of movement to the nymph:

2013.06.dryfly.me.hends_spectra_fiberApplied to a UNI 6/0 thread and a TMC 2457 #8 hook

2013.06.dryfly.me.hends_spectra_threadTwo colors applied to the hook

2013.06.dryfly.me.hends_spectra_hookDrag the fibers out with a toothbrush gives you long legs:

2013.06.dryfly.me.hends_spectra_draggedSince the fibers are so long you can also use it to form a tail, here on a Mustad 94840 #12:

2013.06.dryfly.me.hends_spectra_tailLayer two different colors to form the tail:








Hends Musk-Rat Dubbing


The Hends Musk-Rat dubbing is the other from Hends that I have, but compared with the superfine this one has some more longer fibers that stick out. These you can remove before applying to the thread, or keep them on to get a more dynamic body. Usage would be fore dry-flies or emergers.
2013.06.dryfly.me.dubbing.muskrat_packageThere are not too many long fibers as you can see, and they are easily removable if you want to do that before adding to the thread

2013.06.dryfly.me.dubbing.muskrat_handDubbs nicely on the thread

2013.06.dryfly.me.dubbing.muskrat_threadAnd can be applied quite thin on the hook, here a Mustad 94840 #14. The long fibers are really long and on small hooks like this they really stand out.



Dubbing: Wapsi Natural Nymph Blend Squirrel

This nymph blend from Wapsi was one of the first dubbing packages that I bought and I have gone through quite a few packages, I don’t know if it is because I started out with this or if it is because I really like it! The blend is easy to work with and gives a life in nymphs (and slender emerger bodies) that I appreciate.

2013.05.dryfly.me.wapsi_nymph_packageThe blend is a good mixture between fine and long fibers

2013.05.dryfly.me.wapsi_nymph_handDubbing on the thread is very easy: can be applied both in a thin and quite a thick layer on the thread


Dubbed on a Mustad 94840 #14 here, the long fibers tend to stick out and give lots of life to the body


On a Dai-Riki 135 #14 hook, with Hareline Scudback 1/8″ and Ultra wire wrapped. Here the blend comes through to its name and creates long nice legs on the fly



Fly-Rite: Extra Fine Poly

The Extra Fine Poly Dubbing from Fly-Rite is made of polypropylene (on wikipedia if you want to read up some more on this) and is very good for slender bodies and dry-flies. The material is very easy to work with and goes on the thread with no problems. For now I only have this in golden yellow, but would like to get this in a few more colors to work with on emergers.


The individual fibers are very long:


It goes on the thread (here a Sheer 14/0) very easy and does not build up to something big and bulky


This is a Mustad 44840 #14, and I have tried to build up as small as possible: the body gets very slim and is just thicker than the hook.


Here you can see the reason why I like this on small flies: here on a Gamakatsu C12-BM #30, without much effort you get a body on even these small hooks


Hends Superfine Dubbing

The Hends Superfine is one I have a few colors of and use if I need to create a thin body for dryflies, or for slender nymphs/wetfiles that needs a bit of body.


As you can see: lot of thin, long fibers that makes it easy to apply to the thread

2013.05.dryfly.me.dubbing_hends_superfine_fingerMaybe not the best of pictures, but you can see that you don’t need much to cover the thread

2013.05.dryfly.me.dubbing_hends_superfine_on_threadDubbing a Mustad 9480 #14: it makes a slender body that doesn’t take much space

2013.05.dryfly.me.dubbing_hends_superfine_on_hookOne of the good properties of the Superfine is the ability to create bodies on very small hooks: here is a TMC 518 #30 with only a few strands of the dubbing to create a tiny body