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Sunburst Spey

2014.12.28.dryfly.me.sunburst_speyHook: Alec Jackson #1.5
Thread: UNI 6/0 Red
Tag: UNI-Mylar Peacock #16
Body: 1/2 Red Seals fur, 1/2 Black Seals fur
Rib: UNI-French Oval Large
Wing: Red/Orange/Yellow fox
Sides: JC
Hackle: Schlappen Fire Orange, Whiting Rooster Cape Black

Davie McPhail have a great video of a Sunburst Spey on youtube that (after my sunturn spey) I had to give a go. I got some of the bronze spey hooks from Alec Jackson that fits perfectly to this pattern, the only problem is that I should have had this in #5 & #7 as well since this is a rather large fly to go fishing with!

I deviated a little bit from the original pattern: the front hackle where I only had fiery orange schlappen and a pure black front-hackle, but the overall pattern is the same.

2014.12.28.dryfly.me.sunburst_spey_frontThe vibrant colors in the wing, the hackle and the body will make this really shine up once it is in the water.

2014.12.28.dryfly.me.sunburst_spey_closeGreat mix in the wing:





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