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First Cod On The Fly

dryfly.me.2014.03.30.fishing_cod1The weekend started with great weather, so we jumped on the train and got just outside Oslo to go seatrout hunting in the sun. The seatrout didn’t show itself, but I got my first cod on fly, and the first one was actually the first fish I have ever caught on tube, so it was a good day!

dryfly.me.2014.03.30.fishing_cod2The fish took on white baitfish patterns.

Hanging out by the sea and having this weather is everything you need:


My #6 reel that I use for both salt and freshwater


Got to test out some of the tubes I have created this winte


More blue sky and sundryfly.me.2014.03.30.fishing2

Another flyfisher out hunting:dryfly.me.2014.03.30.fishing1


Green Spent

dryfly.me.2014.03.29.spent_greenHook: TMC 100BL #12
Thread: Sheer 14/0 Green
Body: Hareline Krystal Dub Caddis Green,
Rib: UNI-Mylar #16
Wing: Hareline Para Post Wing Dark Gray
Wing casing: Foam 2mm

Spinner fall can be be the most fun you have, or the most frustrating you can come by…. I’m not quite sure where I picked up this pattern, but it is a good one where you can swap out the colors quite easy and keep in different sizes for that one day where it really matters.

The para post from Hareline is great for these patterns, I’ve used it for a caddis pattern with great success; it floats forever

dryfly.me.2014.03.29.spent_green_topBottom view: the imprint this have from underneath is the most important. The colors are important, yes, but look at that imprint



With different wing colors:



Palmer Midge

dryfly.me.2014.03.27.palmer_midgeHook: Mustad 94840 #14
Thread: Sheer 14/0 Black
Body: Peacock, Whiting Hackle

Midge season is coming shortly and one of the things you need in the box here in Norway is this palmer midge. A very simple pattern that is quick to tie up a row of in sizes from #14 down to #22

dryfly.me.2014.03.27.palmer_midge_sideThe cork where I have mounted the midges comes from the Sorachi Ace bottle from Brooklyn brewery – if you get a chance to taste this I would recommend sharing a bottle with a friend!