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Red and Yellow Attractor TMC 5263 #12 streamer hook
Thread: UNI 6/0 Black
Tail: Deer Hair Red
Body: Fly-Rite Yellow, Whiting Hackle Brown and White
Wing: Deer Hair Red

This is one of those: let’s make a lot of noise flies that are good to have available, it should trigger a reaction on the surface from any hungry trout. One thing I could have done better is to have a more slender body: there is a lot of dubbing on there now. I could should also have a thread-rib wound counter-hackle to fasten the hackle better.

As you can see in the next two pictures: this will create a very good profile on the surface. The amount of deer hair and hackle will also make this stick to the surface for a very long time.



Grey Caddis Mustad 94840 #14
Thread: Sheer 14/0 Brown
BodyFly-Rite Rust, Whiting Hackle
Wing: Hareline Para Post Wing

I’m in the middle of Watching “Ørretboms 5” from André Brun, and one of the flies covered on his flytying page is the Brun’s Caddis. I recently got some of the Para Post Wing and thought I would test it out for this pattern. The profile on the wing and the hackle (clipped on top/bottom) will make this a good pattern for later this summer when I go a bit north. This doesn’t have the tail as described, but frankly: I forgot all about it! This is a size #14 and I will make this from #12 down to #18 in slightly different color variations, but if truth be told: this is all about that profile, a real killer!


Lysaker to Sørkedalen pt.2

Another trip to this river so very close to Oslo that it is a wonder why I haven’t visited it before! A 3 hours walking trip  up/in the middle of the river and covering more ground. A fresh river (as in: not fished before) is very exiting: finding the spots where the trout is, coming around a bend in the river and seeing a beautiful section unfold where you just know that the trout is standing ready.

A well known view: the moment before fishing can start

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe Sage TXL-F #1 has become my new favourite small-river rod

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe vegetation in larger parts of the river makes waders a absolute must-have if you want to get the fly out there

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe Aurivilli is so far the best bet in this river: I landed 5 20cm trout on this trip with sizes #12 and #18

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPlaces like this makes the trip worth it







I have worked as a software developer for 10 years now and a concept that is well known is the planetplanet: a aggregation (often with full blog posts) on a theme (programming language, OS) where you can get updated about the latest from that particular theme/topic. Of course: you can use a RSS reader and that has its merits (you get to choose your own feeds), but I often like the planetplanet since they have posts that I wouldn’t normally have in my RSS reader.

So: today I introduce a single page that aggregates blogposts and updates from flytying/flyfishing related sites that I have found interesting. The site only shows the article/blog title and a link to the site, nothing more. It is updated once every hour and I hope that it can be useful for discovering more articles, sites and posts about flytying/flyfishing.

The site now have a lot of trout pages indexed, but send me a email to[at] and I will add it to the index as soon as possible – just keep the links you send me on topic.


Parachute Family

2013.06.dryfly.parachute_familyHook: Mustad 94840 #12, #18. TMC 518 #30
Thread: Sheer 14/0 white
Tail: Soft hackle
Body: Taimen Beaver dubbing, grey
Wing: White CDC
Hackle: Whiting Bronze

A sunday tying session, today with grey and red/brown color combination. I tied up some in #12 and #18, and did a #30 in the end to tie off the family picture above. The #30 is a tying exercise to see if it is possible to scale down to these small hooks from TMC, didn’t come out too bad, the problem (as always with #30) is to find a good hackle that is small enough.