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Hends Musk-Rat Dubbing


The Hends Musk-Rat dubbing is the other from Hends that I have, but compared with the superfine this one has some more longer fibers that stick out. These you can remove before applying to the thread, or keep them on to get a more dynamic body. Usage would be fore dry-flies or emergers.
2013.06.dryfly.me.dubbing.muskrat_packageThere are not too many long fibers as you can see, and they are easily removable if you want to do that before adding to the thread

2013.06.dryfly.me.dubbing.muskrat_handDubbs nicely on the thread

2013.06.dryfly.me.dubbing.muskrat_threadAnd can be applied quite thin on the hook, here a Mustad 94840 #14. The long fibers are really long and on small hooks like this they really stand out.