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flyhooks.org – 66 new hooks

A batch of 66 new hook images have been added to flyhooks.org today

So: some new brands and a good lot of hooks added today. Up next is a good batch of TMC ready for photography, then more Allcock, Mustad and some interesting Japanese hooks after that.

flyhooks.org – Ahrex

Todays update on flyhooks.org comes from Ahrex hooks: earlier this year they sent me samples of all their hooks for addition to the flyhooks database. The update brings a total of 23 hooks from Ahrex to the site: the doubles and trebles are missing, but they will be added later.

From a start with hooks focusing on saltwater here in Scandinavia, they now have a range of hooks:

  • NS – Nordic Salt: baitfish, gammarus, shrimp
  • HR – Home Run: salmon, tube, trailer, doubles & trebles
  • TP – Trout Predator: for the big trout streamers
  • PR – Predator: pike and large predator fish

I welcome the addition of more barbless as they now have both predator, stinger and tube barbless in their lineup.

A couple of highlights for me in what I use: the NS110 for saltwater patterns, HR430 barbless tube that have a really solid build quality even in the smaller sizes, the heavy HR414 for salmon patterns and TP610 & TP650 for the larger trout streamers.

This brings the total of hooks with images to a total of 705, I would still love to get my hands on more Ahrex: if you have hooks in the sizes I’m missing, please send me a message!

flyhooks.org – 300+ new hooks

This autumn I have spent a lot of time getting up to speed on the new hooks that people from all over the world have sent me: 300+ new hooks for http://flyhooks.org/ have been measured, photographed and added to the different hooks that I have registered so far. A big thank you to all those that have contributed to the collection that now counts 682 hook sizes with images (accross 280 different hooks).

Highlights are: Knapek, Dohiku & Claw (almost) complete sets of all hooks and sizes, a large batch of classic streamers, many new Mustad  hooks and some very special dryfly hooks that I’ll get back to in later blogposts.

Even before I was done with this large batch of new hooks I got some new from France that I haven’t seen before and a couple of TMC and Mustad that will be added once I add some more functionality to the site: I’ll improve the search and layout of the site, maybe add a comment section and look at integrating it better with flytyer.org

This project would not have been where it is today without your help, so if you have a hook or two to spare, contact me through the contact form, and I’ll get back to you with address and information about the process.