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Two Blue Doubles


Hook: Kamasan B280 #6
Thread: Sheer 14/0
Tag: UNI-French, Lagartun French Silk
Tail: GP
Butt: Black Ostrich
Body: UNI-Floss
Rib: UNI-French
Underwing: Black fox
Wing: Mallard Duck, 2 toppings

A quick one this afternoon: Two doubles that started with the blue charm as inspiration and a little bit of google image search where I found the wing and GP layout that I thought would work good together.

Blue & Green Double

dryfly.me.2014.03.15.blue_green_doubleHook: Kamasan B280 #6
Tag: Lagartun French Tinsel
Body: Taimen Seals Fur Green Highlander
Rib: Lagartun French Tinsel
Body Hackle: Veniard Chinese Cock Cape Doctor Blue
Wing: Blue & Green Fox, Green Flash
Sides: JC

I often sit down and try to see how colors blend together and try to figure out how they will work. Many times I get the inspiration from other tiers on facebook, G+, forums and so on: I see some hook or pattern and I get a idea on what I want to do. Lately I have looked at a lot of dee flies and done a lot of big-wing tubes, so I try to mix it up like this: the concept of long body hackle and a hair-wing.

This one I will bring with me when I go seatrout fishing



dryfly.me.2014.03.15.blue_green_double_team_back this weekend


Blue Highlander?


Tag: Lagartun French Tinsel
Tail: Golden Pheasant, Red Guinea
Butt: Black Ostrich:
Body: Lagartun French Silk Floss Marigold Yellow, UNI-Floss Doc. Blue,
Rib: Lagartun French Tinsel
Body Hackle: Veniard Chinese Cock Cape Doctor Blue
Wing: Yellow/Brown/Blue colored Fox
Hackle: Veniard Chinese Cock Cape Doctor Blue
Sides: JC
Cone: FutureFly Drainer Disc 8mm Silver

So: I took the starting point of the green highlander from the other day and just exchanged the green part with blue materials. I don’t know if something like a blue highlander exists, but this was a experiment to see how the colors comes together with blue instead of green ( will try different colors in the near future )

The fly itself came out quite good but this is a massive piece of fly! I will try to cut it down to half the size and keep the colors and general design because I do think that the blue/red combination will work very well




kvitre.no.2014.02.25.tube_redTag: UNI-Floss in different colors
Body: Black Floss, Lagartun Varnished French Tinsel
Wing: Silver Fox

I started out with a single red-tag to try out some new silver fox I got the other day, but I ended up with six different UNI-Floss colors. This is a very simple tube, but the red-tag can be extremely efficient when it comes to trout (and salmon). The wing was made very slim to create a long and slim profile in the water.

Royal Blue:

kvitre.no.2014.02.25.tube_blueHot Red:

kvitre.no.2014.02.25.tube_hot_redHot Orange:

kvitre.no.2014.02.25.tube_orangeGreen Highlander:

kvitre.no.2014.02.25.tube_greenBright Yellow:

kvitre.no.2014.02.25.tube_yellowAll together: