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flypattern.org – John Sand

The initial books that was added to flypattern.org was the old, international known, salmon fly authors: Blacker, Kelson, Francis Francis and others. This coincided with the ASFI 2018, and was a natural starting point for the site.

The plan have always been to digg deeper into authors and flytyers that are known locally and internationally, and to document the patterns that these people are behind. One such author is John Sand (Norway), that together with his son Erling are well known for their patterns and the extended business they built.

Last year I was lucky enough to purchase a box of materials and hooks after a person that tied for the Sand company, among these were 3 hand-written recipe books from the time. At the same time Roy-Tore Gjertsen have been collecting and tying up the old Sand patterns, keeping a translation of them in English. Now there are 92 patterns added to flypattern.org, documenting the old patterns for the future, in addition Roy-Tore have allowed me to use his pictures of some of the patterns listed in order to get a reference version online.

I hope this can help preserve the patterns from Sand in the future: http://flypattern.org/authors/john-sand


flyhooks.org – Crossing 1000 hook pictures

Just over 2 years ago I started flyhooks.org because I could not find information about hooks:

When I first started out I didn’t know much about hooks, or material for that matter, so I went to the local shops, bought some hooks, got online and saw the multitude of different hooks was available. But the hooks was always displayed in a box, or without a proper close-up, I couldn’t figure out their exact property, so I ended up buying lots of different hooks to test them out and get a feel of how they were.

Over these two years I’ve had people and companies sending me hooks from all over the place: France, Canada, UK, Sweden and many other places! I’ve received envelopes with just a single hook traveling a very long way, envelopes with no sender, one with just a stamp indicating that it was sent from a certain country, boxes of hooks from people that really like the idea of what flyhooks.org is all about and many more…..

What started as a itch to scratch because there were no information grew quickly, and last night I added the 1000th individual hook picture to flyhooks.org! This could not have been made possible without all the contributions, so: thank you all that have contributed so far!

There are currently: 42 companies and 721 hook types with 3791 hook sizes. Of these I have registered 431 hook types with image and a total of 1008 hook sizes with image.

Some notable things:

Lately I have added a section on books and one on hook cards. Coming soon will be more search and filtering and insight into hook dimensions and what is common among all the hooks. And I still haven’t started taking pictures of my doubles and trebles, they will come :)

Thanks again for all that have participated, and the job is not done: keep sending me hooks and I’ll put them up on flyhooks.org