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Black Rabbit

Hook: TMC777SP #6
Thread: UNI 6/0 Black
Tail: Rabbit Strip, Foxtail
Body: A.Jensen Saltwater dub ll White, Rabbit strip in dubbing loop
Eyes: Gold bead chain, large

A pattern that follows the spaykutling but in all-black colors. This comes from the rabbit skin I bought earlier and that I have cut strips from. The hair is really long and makes for some meaty flies that will create a lot of good movement in the water.

My seatrout box is slowly filling up:

Mickey Streamer

Hook: TMC777SP #6
Thread: UNI 6/0
Tail: Turkey
Body: UNI-Mylar
Rib: Lagartun Varnished French Tinsel
Wing: Turkey
Throat: The Fly Co. Rooster Neck
Sides: JC

After doing the hairwing mickey finn the other day I browsed alternative versions to see how this pattern has been interpreted in different versions (I enjoy exploring a pattern to see how it turns out in different versions, not just the original). The Mickey Streamer I found over at together with some other variants that I will tie up later. The mickey streamer version is a married wing wet-fly style pattern in the color scheme of the original mickey finn, tied on a longer streamer hook than a classic wet would be done on.