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Fishing in the wind


Headed out today after work to hit one of the islands just outside Oslo, I had some new flies to test out and the ferry out there was only 20minutes. The forecast said slow wind and a nice afternoon, but as I approached the waterfront and took the ferry it was apparent that the wind was not slow… Got out to the island and found this place where I could stand and get some line out in the water, but the wind was picking more and more up and the line kept going everywhere….

As you do when things don’t go your way: get some food and boil up some coffee to see if things change!


Things didn’t change though. I have recently purchased a new rod (Zpey 13.3 #8) for salmon fishing, but haven’t had the chance to test it out, so to get some practice I got it out and started testing it out for the first time. I have never cast spey before so it was a bit akward, but I got a half-way snap-t and a line that went in the right direction, so more on the rod and how that behaves later


No fish today, but with scenery like this 20min from Oslo it is good to just get out there and brew a cup of coffee and go home while the sun sets.


Seatrout PBx2


Was out fishing south of Oslo, down towards the Swedish border, and had a couple of great moments! I got my first seatrout in November last year, but that was tiny and barely over minimum. This weekend I got a personal best twice: the one below was the first, 650gram and in good fighting condition. The one above came in on 1150gram and was a good, but short, fight. Both took on baitfish in the exact same spot, a place I will go back to and visit very soon to hunt the next big one


First Cod On The Fly weekend started with great weather, so we jumped on the train and got just outside Oslo to go seatrout hunting in the sun. The seatrout didn’t show itself, but I got my first cod on fly, and the first one was actually the first fish I have ever caught on tube, so it was a good day! fish took on white baitfish patterns.

Hanging out by the sea and having this weather is everything you need:

My #6 reel that I use for both salt and freshwater

Got to test out some of the tubes I have created this winte

More blue sky and

Another flyfisher out


Testing out new flies

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt is january, but the weather is more like early April: 7 degrees and sun before I went out. Have tied a lot of new flies lately, and mainly tubes, that I needed to see how would work when they were fished. The day was beautiful with so many people on the beach: even some barbecue going on (unheard of at this time of year), and the weather changed into a cloudy afternoon.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe did see 2-3 fish up in the surface, but nothing would take the fly.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASome new flies was tested and I got some input on what I need to do – one thing I needed the most was to add a bit of weight to the big hair-winged tube flies, those just didn’t fly right on my #6 rod



As mentioned: nothing would take, but I did find some potential great spots that is close to town!

Spey adventures

Well, it had to happen sooner or later:

Guideline Act4I got my first rod for speycasting yesterday, or: I went into a shop to get something else and I wandered out with a new Guideline ACT 4 12″6 #8/9 rod, not quite sure what happened! Well: the price was reduced significantly and I was thinking about it just the other day, so when the opportunity  came I took it (must sound very familiar to anyone hooked on anything: there is always a good excuse ).

The plan is to do my first salmon fishing with the rod next year: there are quite some good rivers around here, but also for the larger trout rivers north of here (some seriously large trout in this country). But: I have done mostly #5/6 dryfly fishing so this is a new adventure when it comes to lines, are there anyone that can recommend a line for this rod?