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Orange & Black Tube

kvitre.no.2014.02.27.tube_orange_blackTail: Orange Foxtail, Black Silver Fox
Body: UNI-Floss Hot orange, UNI-Mylar Peacock
Wing: Orange Foxtail, Black Temple Dog
Hackle: Orange & Black Schlappen
Cone: Black FutureFly

One of those quick-and-dirty afternoon tubes to see how it will come together: the basic idea was to just use orange and black together. The hackle and the wing will make great movement in the water, so I will test this out targeting sea-trout as soon as I get the chance.



kvitre.no.2014.02.25.tube_redTag: UNI-Floss in different colors
Body: Black Floss, Lagartun Varnished French Tinsel
Wing: Silver Fox

I started out with a single red-tag to try out some new silver fox I got the other day, but I ended up with six different UNI-Floss colors. This is a very simple tube, but the red-tag can be extremely efficient when it comes to trout (and salmon). The wing was made very slim to create a long and slim profile in the water.

Royal Blue:

kvitre.no.2014.02.25.tube_blueHot Red:

kvitre.no.2014.02.25.tube_hot_redHot Orange:

kvitre.no.2014.02.25.tube_orangeGreen Highlander:

kvitre.no.2014.02.25.tube_greenBright Yellow:

kvitre.no.2014.02.25.tube_yellowAll together:








Monster Caddis on tube

kvitre.no.2014.02.23.monster_caddisBody: Hareline Premium Deer Hair
Hackle: Whiting Bronze Brown
Whiskers: Hares Mask whiskers

Massive big dryfly on tube! Didn’t get the body perfect, but I need a better scissor to do my trimming. This is going to be a fun fly to test this autumn when the trout is hungry and feeding on mice, and if I get a chance to throw this in a salmon river I’ll definitely test it out.

Front view:

kvitre.no.2014.02.23.monster_caddis_frontIn hand for scale: