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Next weekend I’ll participate in a great project: flytyingforcharity.com – my friend Jon will tie flies for 24hours straight, and we’ll sell flies and equipment that people have donated to the project on a auction next Saturday. All the money we get will go to children in hospitals, to let them break up their daily routine during treatment.

I’m doing all the technical things like the website, so let me know if something isn’t working. Also let me know if you would like to donate for this (or next year when we are planning to do something similar again).

Please share and let people know about this! It is great to participate in this project where we can do some good for the kids by doing something we love to do!



Been a busy summer (and I’ll get back with a post about that), but: got some bombers ready for a upcoming trip to norther Norway. 


I do these in step-by-step, taking each logical step on all hooks before I proceed to the next part, makes tying lots of similar flies much easier.