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SBS: Hatching Caddis

I haven’t done many SBS yet here on dryfly.me, but I posted the hatching caddis family on the fly fishing community over at google+ and got a request for a SBS on this pattern so I thought I would give it a try.

Hook: Partridge Klinkhamer X-treme #14
Thread: UNI 6/0 Black – make sure it is tough enough to tie in deer hair
Body: Hareline Hare’s Ear Plus DubbIn Dark Olive
Wing: Deer Hair Olive , 2mm foam white, CDC Olive

1. Dub the hook with color of choice, I think the Hare’s Ear gives life to the body

dryfly.me.2013.08.sbs_hatching_caddis_12. Cut a strip of foam and tie in, remember to leave enough room behind the eye to tie in both the deer hair, the cdc and the foam. If you don’t have foam use any material that will be able to split the wing and secure it: pheasant tail for example

dryfly.me.2013.08.sbs_hatching_caddis_23. Stack up deer hair and tie in: you need enough to be able to create the split wing, but not too much. Experiment a bit with the length – if it gets too long the proportions will be off.

dryfly.me.2013.08.sbs_hatching_caddis_34. Cut the deer hair and tie in, make sure it is properly secured

dryfly.me.2013.08.sbs_hatching_caddis_45. Make a dubbing loop of the thread and add the CDC. I use the Marc Petitjean Magic Clip to get the fibers off the feather.

dryfly.me.2013.08.sbs_hatching_caddis_56. Wrap the CDC just behind the deer hair and tie if off, again: make sure to not tie it too close to the eye

dryfly.me.2013.08.sbs_hatching_caddis_67. This is the interesting part: drag the strip of foam slowly to the front through the deer hair and split it into a wing. Wiggle the foam through the hair and make sure the wings are even, look at the fly from above and try again if it is uneven. Tie off the foam – depending on the foam make sure to be very careful when tying it off: you can risk tearing the foam in two and you have to start all over again….

dryfly.me.2013.08.sbs_hatching_caddis_78. The split wing from above

dryfly.me.2013.08.sbs_hatching_caddis_89. Apply a bit of dubbing to the head and tie off.

dryfly.me.2013.08.sbs_hatching_caddis_9Add a bit of floatant to the wing and it is set to go! This is a fly that can be varied in different colors and sizes, the important part is the brilliant profile it gives  in the water. You can tie it without the CDC, but I think the added CDC gives a lot of life on the surface





Spent Spinner

dryfly.me.2013.08.spent_spinner1Hook: Mustad 94840 #14
Thread: Sheer 14/0 BrownTail: Mayfly Tails
Body: SLF Squirrel Spikey Natural Fox, UNI-Mylar #16 Gold/Silver wrapWing: Hareline Para Post Wing Dark Grey, White Foam

Spent spinners are a good addition to any box that will work both in lakes and slow-flowing rivers: it gives a great profile! I tend to experiment some with a pattern when I sit down to tie up some for fishing, so this time I tied up some in different colors, with/without the foam head and with/without the tinsel wrap around the body.

dryfly.me.2013.08.spent_spinner2The split tail is starting to align up, this takes some time the first times you tie them up!

dryfly.me.2013.08.spent_spinner3White wings with pale-yellow body should be a good visual indicator in a river

dryfly.me.2013.08.spent_spinner4The wrapping of the body doesn’t align up perfectly, but this is not something I tend to stress a lot with when tying up for fishing purposes.





Madan X

dryfly.me.2013.08.madan_xHook: TMC 9394 #10
Thread: UNI 6/0 Black
Tail: Dark Olive Deer Hair, Hareline Para Post Wing White
Body: SLF Squirrel Spikey Natural Fox
Wing: Deer Hair, Rubber legs
Head: Whiting Hackle

Well, this is how it goes when don’t know what you are doing! I normally tie a lot of nice small caddis and dryflies that sit nicely in the top-film. For the autumn fishing I needed some larger attractors and this was the product: I guess it will do its work just fine, but this is not something I am used to tying, the rubber legs keeps going in different directions and the deer hair doesn’t sit as nice as I would like. But: this is made to make a lot of noice in a river so it will do, quite sure it will attract some trout later on.